The World’s Tallest Hotels

A trip to your favorite hotel destination could be exciting, but not as thrilling as visiting the world’s tallest hotel. Just imagine how exhilarating it gets being up in the clouds, above everything else. A sizable percentage of the world’s highest structures are hotels, and the fact that Asia has a strong showing when we talk of the tallest hotels in the world is no surprise. Certainly, no list of the globe’s highest hotels would be fair and complete without the inclusion of Dubai. If you want the best views on your trip, visit the following hotel destinations.

JW Marriott Marquis, Dubai: 1165 Feet

As stated in the introduction, Dubai’s substantial presence on this list is no surprise. Sure, “everything is bigger” is a saying that belongs to Texas, but the electric city of Dubai can rightly claim the phrase, “everything is grander.” Located within the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is home to the highest hotel in the world; the JW Marriott Marquis. The fact that rooms here are affordable is a bonus.

Ritz Carlton Hong Kong, Hong Kong: 1608 Feet

Technically, this is the world’s tallest hotel, even though it doesn’t occupy the entire International Commerce Center building, as in the case of Dubai’s JW Marriott. If you want to know the bustling city of Hong Kong like the back of your hand, the Ritz Carlton should be part of your trip. Whether you are a hard-working employee of a company or government, or you’re a supplier of RTA kitchen cabinets online and would like to take a short break and visit Hong Kong, the Ritz Carlton is an excellent destination, from where you can enjoy this beautiful Chinese city.

Four Seasons Hotel, Guangzhou: 1439 Feet

Combining unparalleled luxury and local flavor in abundance, the Four Seasons Hotel is part of a renowned brand that any travel enthusiast would want to visit. The hotel’s 69th floor has a modern pool, where you can swim, as you catch views of one of the most underrated Chinese cities.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok: 1014 Feet

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel is perhaps the most pocket-friendly option on this list. Standing 1014 feet into the sky, the hotel allows you to view Bangkok in its entirety. The city’s skyline seems to be unending. It is little wonder that telling west from the east may not be an easy task while at the hotel’s summit.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai: 1053 Feet

Definitely not the tallest hotel on this list, but its distinctive characteristics allows Burj Al Arab to claim its spot. First, the hotel is located offshore; hence, it is the tallest offshore hotel building on earth. Secondly, its Arabian Dhow-like shape gives it a distinct appearance, even from afar.

Grand Hyatt Shanghai, Shanghai: 1380 Feet

This is undoubtedly seen as one of the most iconic hotels in Shanghai, China, rising to 1380 feet above the earth. The area around this hotel has tremendously developed, meaning that the views are dramatic. A stay at this hotel will no doubt put you at the center of the action.