Smoke-Free Hotels: A Case for Chewing Tobacco Products

Whether on a family vacation or a business trip, the reek of secondhand smoke in your hotel room can undoubtedly ruin your stay. Secondhand smoke is more than your average nuisance – it is a health hazard.

Smoking was a norm in hotels until the 2000s or thereabout. Cognisant of the dangers of secondhand smoke, hoteliers found it necessary to find ways of eliminating indoor smoking in their spaces. Considering that smoking rooms and ventilation systems do not entirely alleviate the dangers of secondhand smoke, the only remaining option was the use of smokeless tobacco products.

Chewing Tobacco

Dip and chewing tobacco brands enjoy massive appeal in the hospitality industry. As such, hoteliers are increasingly sharing the commitment to provide a smoke-free environment that guests can count on. For starters, copenhagen tobacco catalogue of products includes dip pouches and packs only laced below the tongue.

From a hotelier’s perspective, Copenhagen tobacco pouches and other smoke-free tobacco alternatives are not only great for guests who do not use tobacco products. They also promote inclusivity, which translates to more business, as tobacco users are allowed to have their nicotine pouches without infringing on the comforts of others.

Some of the standout benefits offered by pouches in hotel environments include not leaving unpleasant odours, being unnoticeable, and coming in a catalogue of flavours and strengths.