Fitness Retreats in Style

Many of us associate a stay in a hotel with total relaxation, a chance to unwind. But for some, it is the perfect opportunity to take a fitness retreat, to indulge in the hotels’ sports facilities. Many hotels have a gym, a swimming pool and a spa, ideal for a workout, followed by a bit of pampering. And all establishments are smoke-free these days, to add to the healthy atmosphere. Of course, you will need to remember to pack your women’s sportswear for a quick change in your room.

A Comfortable Stay

Before heading to the hotel, you may wish to acquire some new women’s sportswear, for extra motivation. The renowned Aim’n brand has a huge selection of workout clothing, including tights that allow you full freedom of movement. The fabrics are breathable with sweat-wicking properties, keeping you dry and comfortable. You won’t be embarrassed by unsightly stains as you head back to your hotel room.

There may be the chance to join in a yoga class, pilates or a guided aerobics or cardio session, while you are in the hotel. And just because you are determined to keep fit while on holiday, doesn’t mean that you can’t pop to the hotel bar or restaurant and be sociable too.