Robot Driven Hotels


While most people certainly like to take advantage of whatever technology has to offer them they are finding that this is also making a big a difference in the hotel atmosphere. Many of the services that were once done by humans are now slowly being switched over to robots. This can be a little a daunting for those that are not used to it but it seems that with the way the trend is going that it is something that individuals are simply going to have to get used to.

Some of the ways that this is being implemented at the moment is through the customer service through telephone communication where robots are now doing the bookings and answering many of the questions that the callers have.

It is indicated that in the future that it will be the robots that are taking care of a lot of the maintenance that is required in the hotel setting and this could even include room service. While some find this exciting and innovative others feel that technology is going just a little bit too far. It remains to be seen how this will affect the hospitality industry on the whole.