The World’s Most Expensive Hotels

It’s difficult to please everyone as far as hotel amenities are concerned. However, even the most selective, seasoned globetrotters will be in awe once they get a taste of what it’s like to seek shelter at the world’s most expensive hotels. A sneak preview into hotel suites from around the globe uncovers the priciest places to stay, with one, in particular, costing a mind-boggling £61,000 per night. Elite Traveler magazine recently published the top 100 hotel suites in the world, in the 16th volume of its yearly exemplar. America leads the way with 24 pricey hotel suites in the list, followed by the UK and France, which offer 10 and 9 suites respectively. From a panoramic view of deserted islands and lakes to blissful mountain settings, you will be in for a rare treat only if your pocket allows it.

Benefits Of Staying In The World’s Priciest Hotels

The benefits that you’re going to get from staying in the world’s most expensive hotel suites are unique, depending on the one that you choose to book. As such, America is renowned for providing luxurious hotel suites, that are mostly reserved for presidents, the royalty and celebrities. Although the prices of some of these suites can cost an entire lifetime of savings, many people like that extra space and the kudos that comes with it. Also, the wide range of recreational facilities like swimming pools, gyms, and massage rooms is also appealing. You will be accorded the privacy that you seek, with some suites even allowing you to hold secret meetings with friends or dignitaries. Things to consider when choosing these suites are the amenities that give you value for your money and where these hotels are located. these are the most expensive hotel suites in the world , after all!

The World’s Most Expensive Hotels: Conclusion

If you’re looking to visit famous cities across the world and don’t have a place to stay, then check out some of these expensive suites. You can fly with Avionero and take a sneak peek, for an experience befitting a head of state, or a member of the royal family. The Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson, in Switzerland, is the most expensive suite in the world and costs a staggering £61,000 per night. This suite features 12 magnificent bedrooms, 12 marble bathrooms and an awesome sight of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps. If you grow tired of the stunning views, don’t worry, as there is still plenty to fascinate you inside, including a multi-million-pound art collection. They even guarantee your complete security with a private lift and bullet proof windows!