Why Wallpapers Work for Airbnb Entrepreneurs

One of the booming businesses right now is Airbnb. But because of the stiff competition, Airbnb owners have been forced to come up with innovative ways of staying ahead of the game. One of the smartest ideas employed by Airbnb owners today is hanging wallpapers instead of painting the walls. In this article, find out why wallpapers are taking over the hospitality industry.

Wallpapers are Cheaper in the Long Run

One thing about wallpapers is that they are cheaper in the long term compared to paint. Yes, it can be more expensive to hang a wallpaper on the walls now, but a decade down the line, it will be cheaper. This is because a wallpaper is more durable than paint. By the time you will need to reinstall your Airbnb’s wallpaper, your competitors will have repainted their walls at least twice. But then, quality varies from one seller to another. Make sure to buy your wallpaper from renowned sites that sell wallpaper, for example, Familywalls.co.uk, a company that has become a household name in the wallpaper and furniture industry since its establishment back in 2013.

Wallpapers are Highly Customisable

Another advantage of wallpapers is that they are highly customisable. Wallpapers are available in beautiful designs, textures, and prints. You can easily theme your Airbnb to suit the destination. Another advantage of wallpapers is that they are available in a dazzling array of colours that can bring out special effects, such as pearl and glitter. If you want to create that warm ambience that a typical paint can’t achieve, wallpapers will come in handy.

Easy to Install

Wallpapers are quite easy to install as long as you have the tools required and basic DIY skills. You can hang the wallpaper in just a day but painting the same wall will take days or even weeks now that you have to apply at least three coats to match the same effect that wallpapers create. What’s more? You may need to hire a professional if you want the best results. If you have clients who want their rooms to be customised to their liking, wallpapers will come in handy. You can opt for removable wallpapers, also known as self-adhesive wallpapers. These are designed and priced for short term use.


There you have it, folks, a round-up of the advantages of wallpapers over paint for Airbnb businesses. Indeed, wallpapers offer a better return on investment (ROI) than wall paint. But while wallpapers have plenty of advantages, there are shortcomings that buyers should be aware of. It’s tedious to remove the wallpaper, and on top of that, walls with wallpapers require intensive care. But despite the disadvantages, wallpapers are still worth the money!