Choosing the Best Slip Covers for a Guesthouse

Before dumping youe old furniture or spending a fortune to have newly upholstered couches for your guest houses, how about trying something that won’t break the bank? Slipcovers would be an ideal solution. They not only enhance your furniture’s aesthetics but functionality as well. Whether it’s a second-hand armchair requiring a retrofit or a new IKEA sofa that needs protection, slipcovers can save your budget. They’ll keep your hotel rooms looking fresh and are very easy to maintain.

Browse Bemz’s Sofa Covers for Your Hotel Design and Budget

Want to replace your IKEA couch cover? You’re in luck because Bemz offers elegant, tailor-made, and machine washable slipcovers made from quality fabric. The type of slipcover design depends on the kind of guests you receive most of the time and the frequency of check-ins. If you host clients throughout the month, choose colorfast sofa covers that do not wear quickly from regular washing. Do you often welcome business people who spend nights on couches holding lengthy conversations? Enhance their experience with antimicrobial, non-skid, and stain-resistant slipcovers.

Bemz covers aren’t bulky and are designed to hug your couches so that visitors would always think the furniture is brand new. Only at Benz can you find lounge chair covers by renowned designers such as Lacroix, Guild, and Romo to transform the reception area. Browse a curated collection of patterns reminiscent of Scandinavian at coming at varied colors, patterns, and fabrics such as velvet, pure cotton, and linen.

Linen looks fresh all the time, plus it’s non-allergenic and resistant to moth. On the other hand, velvet covers stands out with vibrant color and texture. It is incredibly comfortable during cold nights thanks to its insulation properties, creamy, and warm feel. Couch covers made from cotton provide the ultimate breathability, with options like flannel giving warmth in colder seasons. Sateen weave, long-staple cotton, and high-thread counts can give your guesthouse a five-star hotel silhouette that every visitor wants.

Seats for a guesthouse look more professional when accessorized with strapless slipcovers. It is not very pleasant to have a cover that keeps on shifting as the guests sit. Custom-made covers from Bemz are created with a reliable grip to hold the materials in place. They are perfect for hosting clients who come with their kids.