Decorating Hotel Walls

The look of a hotel room will instantly have an effect on the mood of the guests. If the walls seem too bland or garish it can ruin the reputation of the establishment. It is therefore vital that owners only choose the best quality wallpaper.

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What Kind of Pattern?

When choosing the pattern the hotelier will need to consider the overall theme of their establishment. If it is fairly bucolic then a floral or woodland motif would work well. Others might prefer something more subdued and professional. If so a subtle art deco wallpaper may be ideal. There are even Japanese themed products available. It is vital that the manager takes the size of the room and other design elements into account. They should ask themselves if the wallpaper will clash with the floor or furniture. The type of lighting being used also plays a role.

What Colour?

If people want to play it safe they may opt for simple shades of white. However, those looking to stand out can choose something far less common. They could experiment with metallic hues or even multi-coloured ones. The main driving force should always be how the room will look to the customer. It is best to strike a balance between professionalism and artistic flair.