Choosing The Right Plants For Your Hotel or Guest House

Plants can be a perfect addition to many spaces, with hotels and guest houses being no exception. An appropriately chosen plant can complement the decor of a room, and help to bring the beauty of nature inside. A plant can come in different shapes and sizes, and different plants require different levels of care. Choosing the right plant for the space you intend them to occupy is crucial, so here are some tips to get you started.

Available Space

When selecting a plant for a room in your hotel or guest house, you must consider where the plant will be going and how much space it will have. Some plants require a greater amount of room than others, and having an appropriate level of airflow to allow your plant to breathe is important. Remember that the plant will grow over time, so it’s typically recommended purchasing a plant a bit smaller than you ultimately want – allowing it to grow to the appropriate size over time and not become too big for the space you’re putting it in. Larger floor plants are often best placed by seating areas and entrances, whereas smaller plants can be a nice addition to a table or reception desk.

Light Levels

Plants require light in order to survive, but some need more of it. When you’re purchasing a plant, you should consider where it’s going to be placed and what light will be available for it. Will it be going near a window and have a lot of light available? Or will it be going in a bathroom with no window available? The lighting level will impact which plant can thrive in the chosen space without being neglected. Apps such as are available that can help you evaluate what light levels are available in a room, and subsequently what plants are best suited.

Caring For Your Plants

Hotels and guest houses can be busy spaces, with staff having long lists of tasks that need to be carried out. Ensuring that any plant you purchase for your business is well taken care of is an important part of keeping it looking fresh and healthy. Plants that require high levels of care and maintenance may not be the most ideal for a hotel environment, with staff potentially not having the available time and resources necessary for it. An unhealthy plant can be an eye-sore for guests, so a solution is to choose plants that require minimal maintenance and can go some time without high levels of care. Air-conditioning can delay the time it takes for the soil to dry out, so rooms with this fitted are great places for plants in a guest house or hotel.

Overall, a plant should compliment the space it’s occupying and not become a hindrance that gets in the way. Select the plants for your hotel wisely, ensuring they have the right amount of space and light available to thrive, and they can receive all the care that they need to survive.